Thor lifting hammer

thor lifting hammer

Thor () - Thor Tries To Lift His Hammer (Scene) Movie CLIP HD [p HD ] All material belongs to. Avengers Age of Ultron () - Lifting Thor's Hammer - Funny Moment - Movie CLIP HD [p 60 FPS HD. Iron Man and Captain America try to lift Tho's HAMMER ! ☆ Join us on Facebook ▻ The hammer is later damaged in a fight with Bor, Thor's grandfather. In a future visited by the Hulk where Earth had been decimated by nuclear wars, Thor's hammer was one of the many mementos of the age of heroes kept by the now-elderly Rick Jones ; the Maestro —the Hulk's twisted future self—attempted to use the hammer against the Hulk during their second confrontation in Rick's museum of hero memorabilia, but failed to lift it even with Thor's death as he was naturally unworthy to do so. He was truly on the side of life as he said. Mjolnir crashed to Earth, and Cap hoisted it high and led the charge. Perhaps then there is something innate about who Captain America is that makes him worthy of Mjolnir, though the saga of Captain America since his history was rewritten by Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube, has up until now suggested that he is an innately different person than he was before Kobik worked her magic. This moment raises some questions about how Mjolnir works. The ruler of the Norse gods, Odin , uses the hammer—called Mjolnir "Grinder" by Eitri—and eventually passes it to his son Thor, who must first prove he is worthy to wield the weapon. StanLee Stan Lee Inspired These 11 People To Get Amazing Marvel Tattoos casino flughafen münchen speiseplan Andrew Marco on Jul 18, Dave Bautista Details Thor's First Meeting With The Guardians JusticeLeague Steppenwolf Is Ready To Take On The Justice League In A New Look At The Villain by Franco Gucci on Jul 18, Cap had the chance to wield Mjolnir for a slightly longer stretch in the event Fear Itself. Tyger Follow Forum Posts: thor lifting hammer

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Get a Special Look at Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Here's How The 'Roseanne' Revival Will Involve Johnny Galecki's Character With Or Without Him by Allanah Faherty. Hulk was able to both deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face with it. Infinity War Is Changing Four Key Characters In A Major Follow us on Youtube. With Marvel relaunching a new Thor 1 comic this Wednesday that features a female Thor wielding the hammer, we decided to look back at who else has lifted it, one way or another. However, that seems to fly in the face of everything Thor, the Odinson, learned in his youth. Given Hulk's temperament and love of smashing, he's come into conflict with Thor a number of times over the years. Some people did actually notice the scanner, but only one guy had the vision pun! In some stories this limitation did not apply in Asgard, although this stipulation was removed in a storyline in which this enchantment is transferred to Stormbreaker, the hammer of Beta Ray Bill. Retrieved 6 January By Kit Simpson Brownewriter at creators. With his trusty shield having playboy bunnys shattered by the Serpent, Cap had nothing but some automatic weapons to battle the Serpent's minions. Age of Ultron - and it was the war being over:. Celebrity Ed-lete Your Account: All of the Comics and Details Announced So Far 3.




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