Ferrari LaFerrari – The Ultimate Super Car

Check out the LaFerrari on the tracks.  This super-car is a beast of a machine.  It’s not your typical super-car.  It’s your new type of super-car that comes complete with electric battery pack which consists of 120 lithium ion cells in eight, fifteen cell water cooled modules.  It’s in the category as the to the Mclaren P1, a hybrid machine.  The car has a whopping msrp of 1.4 million dollars.  It’s a piece of driving art and you will surely break the bank and sell the house if you’re are not yet swimming in money.  his masterpiece of technology.  The car is especially fitted to the owner is designed after a fighter jet.  The name symbolizes the the ultimate Ferrari. The one you must own.   A new era of supercar is here and this is arguably be the king of them all.

Length: 185.1 inchesWheelbase: 104.3 inches
Width: 78.4 inHeight:43.9 inches
Curb weight: 3200 pounds

Standing quarter mile: 9.8 seconds
Top speed: 219 milesperhour
0 to 60 milesperhour: 2.6 seconds
0 to 100 milesperhour: 5.1 seconds

EPA city/highway driving: 14/20 mpg

laferrari behindferrari vs mclaren p1

The Art of Design

During the last month I have been working with a company to make my own custom designed fashions. I started making some drawings and piecing together photos to use in inspiration for my designs. The task of creating a brand is extremely complex with many steps taking place before anything is even released. Check out one of my own custom designs below. I decided to start with a dew custom snapbacks and t-shirts I worked hard to design them.

  • The process started with coming up with a few designs. I looked at a lot of designs that I loved and felt comfortable wearing.
  • I then drew a bunch of designs. This part was difficult because. I’m not experienced in making clothing or preparing designs. It was a steep learning curve for me. Drawing tech packs is labor intensive. It needs to be real exact for the factory to be able to work with.
  • I then met up with a guy from the factory that seemed to understand everything there was about making clothing. He helped to guide me in the right direction and correct some of the mistakes that I had made with my designs.
  • We then went through and carefully selected the correct materials from local fabric markets. I gave the factory all drawings and fabric and they proceeded to make samples which turned out to be beyond my widest dreams. They were perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Now that my samples are finished I’ll be producing my first run shortly. Stay Tuned!

Timberlands Officially Make a Comeback

The Timberland Comapny that was founded in 1952, Abington, Massachusetts has had it’s fortunes changed every now and then. The made dominated the feet of young people during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Now it seems they are once again making a comeback. What is old eventually becomes new again. The shoes can be seen on the feet of young fashion heads from the world over. From New York to Hong Kong. I was actually surprised to see Timberlands on the feet of many hipsters while on one of my frequent trips to Hong Kong. Check out a few photos of some celeb rocking Timberlands. A bit more proof that these iconic boots are back in style.

Nike Swoosh Art – David Bedoni

Here is some dramatic reworked swoosh art by David Bedoni.
It features a combination of 19th century paintings with Nike’s iconic  trademark swoosh symbol.
It’s old work but worth sharing once again.
Hope you enjoy it!  Share with those who may have not seen it.